I Am So Thrilled With The Success I’ve Seen!

I am so thrilled with the success I have seen in less than 2 months from regular cryotherapy sessions! I do a combination of whole-body cryotherapy a few times a week, and local sessions on the other days. During this time I have experienced increased energy and stamina, sounder sleep, and better moods. I have also lost 5% body fat. From my local sessions that have been mostly focused on my midsection, I have lost 8 inches around my hips and 9 inches around my waist... again this has been in less than 2 months!!

I have received several comments recently from people who want to know what I have been doing. I have never been able to lose this many inches around my midsection from just losing weight, but with these sessions, I have actually been able to see a dramatic change in my body shape and proportions.

One of my favorite things about going in for my daily session is seeing the owners, Matt and Claire. They are wonderful people who are kind and welcoming and they make their clients feel comfortable. I am so grateful to them for bringing cryotherapy to Columbia. I plan on making cryotherapy part of my regular wellness routine for life!

Katherine, 32

I Heartily Endorse Element Cryotherapy

I have been battling autoimmune disease for 28 yrs. For the last 9 months, I have been running a fever that has required rounds of high dose steroids to bring down the inflammation only for it to come back again in a few weeks. In February the fever was back but in addition, my hair was falling out. After expressing concern for my hair loss, my hairdresser mentioned cryotherapy and said she had heard it helped bring down inflammation. Well, that’s all I needed to hear.

I have a true aversion to cold and when I told my family I was going to do this the next day they thought I had truly lost my mind. I have to admit I was a little apprehensive about 3 minutes spent at subzero temps. After the first session, my fever was gone and hasn’t returned. After 4 visits my hair loss slowed, and after 7 it stopped. I have come to realize it’s not about the 3 minutes of cold but about what happens after.

In addition to the above results my mind feels clearer, I have more energy and I’m sleeping better. Those three benefits alone are worth the time and expense. Obviously, I heartily endorse Element Cryotherapy.

Karen, 66

I Feel Better Than I Have In Years

Claire and Matt are friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. I have multiple sclerosis, and after two weeks of whole-body cryotherapy, I feel better than I have in years. I work full-time as a college professor and have a toddler, so fatigue has always been a problem, but I now have more energy in the evening for my family. I’m also sleeping much better and have more focus at work. It’s three minutes of freezing, yes, but I could not be more pleased with the benefits I’ve seen. I’m so grateful for this cutting-edge treatment to now be available so close to home in mid-Missouri.

Beth, 38

Bottom Line? Cryotherapy Works.

This past weekend I had the chance to put to rest that old adage about teaching an old dog new tricks. But let's back up 2 years this past Thanksgiving when I found myself in the hospital with a blown out ulcer from overdosing on Ibuprofen.

I had a couple of muscles in my back giving me all sorts of pain with no relief in sight. Ibuprofen helped, so I took it like candy - after all I'm a guy and I was tough. After leaving the hospital, I was introduced to CBD products which gave relief but didn't fix the problem.

Last Saturday, we stopped in at Element Cryotherapy and I went for the big package - the whole body treatment and a localized treatment on my right shoulder. For this old dog, it was a surprise. The cold was really, really cold and I spent most of my time absorbing the experience.

I left that place feeling really good & relaxed - sort of like I'd had a couple of martinis. I slept well that night and noticed the next day that most of the back pain was gone and has been for almost a week.

I think another treatment or two will pretty well put my problem out of the picture.

Bottom line? Cryotherapy works. And like the song goes "...I'm a believer ... not a trace of doubt in my mind ..."

Mike, 77

Cryotherapy Treatment Is Miraculous

Chronic pain and illness is difficult at any age, but at 67 I refuse to let the pain control my life. Whole Body Cryotherapy has personally impacted my life. I have struggled with arthritis pain, fatigue, inflammation, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis and fibromyalgia for 20 yrs. I recently found out I need a full hip replacement and have had difficulty with every step I take.

The whole Cryotherapy treatment is miraculous in helping me get my life back. Within a short time period, I noticed astounding results. I can only attest my only regret is not doing these treatments sooner.

The owners of Element Cryotherapy, Matt and Claire, are amazing and truly want to help people live a more fulfilling life. Thank you for the best therapy ever and investing in my road to recovery.

Candy, 67