Your Cryotherapy Questions Answered

What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is the science of using cold temperatures to safely lower your skin’s temperature to create four main health benefits: Recovery, beauty, weight loss and overall health and wellness.

How long does a cryotherapy session last?

Typically a session lasts 3 minutes for full body cryotherapy.

Does cryotherapy hurt?

A temperature of -180F down to -240F seems like an unbearable temperature. Remember, however, that the air in the chamber is extremely dry. Therefore, you do not really experience the cold as unpleasant. Clients say it’s actually more tolerable than an ice bath since the air is dry instead of wet—which makes it feel more like standing in front of a freezer on a hot day. The process only takes 3 minutes, which is perfectly bearable for most in practice.

How do I prepare for a cryotherapy session?

Preparing for your cryotherapy session is simple. Simply come in, change into the protective cryo gear and robe provided, and you are ready to begin your session. You will also remove all jewelry and piercings from the neck down, prior to your session.

How much does cryotherapy cost?

Prices vary depending on the center, but you can see our full list of packages and pricing here. We have a variety of pricing and package options, to fit every client's individual needs.

Is a cryofacial painful?

The cryofacial is not painful at all. Most clients say it is refreshing, relaxing, and their skin feels incredible afterwards.

Is a single cryotherapy session enough for results?

Every cryotherapy session is beneficial, and repeated treatments help you achieve the maximum benefits. Our membership packages are designed to help you create a maintenance regimen, and experience the benefits of repeated sessions. 2-3 sessions per week is ideal, but even once a week is a good wellness routine.

What impact will cryotherapy have on my body?

Cryotherapy positively affects people in different ways. You can learn more about the benefits of cryotherapy and read testimonials on our benefits page.

Are there any reasons I should not do cryotherapy?

We are happy to provide a questionnaire of contraindications for your review, prior to your first session. If any of the contraindications prevent you from utilizing whole body cryotherapy, we can assess whether localized cryotherapy would be the ideal route, for your needs.

Who controls the cryotherapy machine?

A trained operator is always present during the treatment to control the temperature levels, and monitor your comfort.

Can I have a cryofacial if I use botox?

Yes you may still enjoy cryofacials, if you've had botox injections.

Should I tip after the Cryofacial?

No. We do not accept tips. You only pay for your service!

What are the risks of cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a relatively risk-free treatment. There are a number of contraindications for which you cannot use the therapy. Protective items such as socks, mittens, headband, and booties, as well as the client's skin, must be completely dry. Additionally, all jewelry and piercings must be removed prior to the session.


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